Fangoria interview
by Michaell Gingold

Katharine Isabelle goes to Hell, dies for Boll

At the recent Monster Mania convention in New Jersey, Fango got a few words with Katharine Isabelle, the actress beloved by fright fans for her starring turns in the GINGER SNAPS films. She’s got a pair of genre features coming up: HARD RIDE TO HELL, lensing in Vancouver for Spike TV, and Uwe Boll’s latest ode to violence, RAMPAGE.

HARD RIDE is directed by Penelope Buitenhuis and also stars ROBOCOP’s Miguel Ferrer and Laura Mennell of TRICK ’R TREAT and WATCHMEN. “It’s about an old curse and demon bikers,” Isabelle tells us. “I literally have only scanned the script because I just got it last week. I have a pretty large part in it—at least, I don’t die till the very end.”

She also expires in RAMPAGE, which stars Brendan Fletcher (who co-starred with Isabelle in the GINGER SNAPS sequels as well as FREDDY VS. JASON) as a disaffected young man who straps on a homemade Kevlar suit and goes on a killing spree with automatic weapons. “It’s about this kid who kind of takes the idea of trying to prove a point against society a little too far,” she says. “I am in literally one scene with Brendan, my favourite actor. I’m in a salon, and he basically comes in and just shoots us all. Uwe never actually said a word to me; I just arrived, got shot, said hi to Brendan    and left. He’s a very busy director, and just left us to ourselves.”

Isabelle, who has also appeared in the Sci Fi Channel flick OGRE and did a two-episode stint on SUPERNATURAL since her last venture into lycanthropic territory in 2004’s GINGER SNAPS BACK: THE BEGINNING, says that successful film series hasn’t typecast her as a horror actress. “I just sort of go out for whatever comes my way. Over the last 10 years, there seem to have been more horror films made in general, so just by default, I’m gonna be in more then I would necessarily go after. I don’t actually watch horror movies all that much.” And despite the current toward sequel zing or rehashing practically every popular genre franchise of the last two decades, the actress says there’s been no talk of further GINGER SNAPS adventures—“Not to me, anyway.”


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