Empire Magazine (issue 150)
Interview by Mark Dinning


Katharine Isabelle, one of these kids is doing their own thing.

Maybe it’s the strange-cousins-to-the-north Canadian thing, maybe the fiery red locks, or perhaps even the “double Scorpio” star sign – which by her own admission, translates as “big time, majorly fucked up” – but while most 19 year-old starlets tend to split their days between glossy magazine covers and wafer-thin roles opposite Ryan Phillipe, Katharine Isabelle has always done things rather differently.

“There’s something quite surreal about calling Al Pacino a ‘motherfucking areshole’ to his face”, she laughs, of her recently-completed support turn in Christopher Nolan’s buzzed about Insomnia. “After that scene we went and played poker in his trailer, too. The stakes were fairly low, you know, just a $50 buy-in, but I left $135 richer.”

Poker with Pacino is not so surprising when you consider this girl who, aged only seven, melted Ted Danson in Cousins, and then enchanted no less than Christopher Lambert three years later in the TV-trite thriller, Knight Moves.

“But it’s great to have grown up now,” Isabelle says, before adding with trademark frankness: “I mean, movie brats are all shits.” The mature Isabelle can be currently seen raising merry hell in Ginger Snaps – the blistering horror-comedy/’period drama’ no on DVD, after an undeservedly lacklustre theatrical run. “Ginger Snaps was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she says. “We’re talking three months of me either screaming, swearing, puking or biting people’s bits off. And that can get quite tiring, I can assure you.” No shit.


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