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“I CAN SCREAM REALLY WELL”, Vancouver actress Katharine Isabelle tells me. No kidding. Since her acting career launched some seven years ago, Isabelle (‘Kate’ to her friends) has acted in a broad range of roles, but has most often ended up in horror or suspense movies.

And her loud, shrill scream, she believes, is one of the prime reasons for repeatedly getting cast in ghastly movies. “I never really planned it this way. I don’t really even watch horror movies that much. In fact, I’m quite pathetic when watching one: the suspense kills me! I just have to watch through my fingers.”

It’s a funny confession coming from Isabelle, who has become a veritable scream queen in the past decade. Though she’s turned in excellent performances in such family melodrama as Falling Angels and Turning Paige, she’s also appeared in Freddy vs Jason and Insomnia, the suspense movie with superstar Al Pacino. Perhaps most famously, though, Isabelle starred as tragic teen bitten by the werewolf bug in Ginger snaps, the Vancouver shot feature that launched a Canuck werewolf-movie franchise.

“Even if I don’t watch them, it’s an awful lot of fun making them,” Isabelle concedes. “You get to scream and run around. Your arm will explode, and the special effects are fun to experience. I have a set of fangs in my bathroom cabinet as a memento of Ginger snaps.”

So far, Isabelle’s biggest star encounter was with Pacino, who, she says, was “absolutely lovely. He asked me over to his place during Insomnia to play a game of poker. I didn’t know how to play, but this was Pacino asking, so I told him I knew how. It was pathetic, because it really became quite obvious that I had no clue what I was doing.”

And Isabelle reports that when shooting her big scene in Freddy vs Jason, capturing the sequence became a bit traumatic in itself. “I was already sleep deprived, when we began shooting that scene,” she recalls. “Freddy had scared me when I was a small child, and now here I was, years later, running away from him screaming. I got chased by him for eleven hours of shooting! All the shaking and crying you see in the movie is for real.”

Robert Englund, the actor who plays Freddy, appreciated all the fear and angst Isabelle had put into her performance and sent her a signed photo of his iconic character. The inscription? “He signed it ‘Love and death, Freddy.’ It’s quite touching.

“Destinations” is the on board magazine from VIA Rail Canada.


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