Season 1

Episode 3 – Pushover

The killer: Ben Crewson, a mild mannered cruise ship terminal customs agent. The victim: Scott Hayward, a limo driver, who was found dead next to his still running vehicle in Stanley Park. The death was by a single gunshot wound. The life of Crewson, who most would consider a quiet, average Joe in every respect, changed when he recently met his current girlfriend Leanne, a waitress, at the diner where she works. Together, they dreamed of a better life for themselves. Hayward was the antithesis of Crewson: brash and cocky and who was considered the alpha male amongst the drivers in the limousine service where he worked. Angie and Oscar quickly piece together that the death has something to do with Scott’s last fare, his standing regular Tuesday night appointment for lowlife lawyer Randy Sprague, their route always being the same: from the cruise ship terminal to the airport, with the only difference on the evening of the death being that final stop in Stanley Park. The determination of what Sprague does every Tuesday night is a major piece of the puzzle, however Angie and Oscar may not get the entire picture even though they believe they have their killer. Meanwhile, Angie lets Brian take part in his first ever interrogation, but it may not end up being quite what he was expecting.

Written by Will Zmak
Directed by Charles Martin Smith


Katharine Isabelle as Leanne
Kristin Lehman as Detective Angie Flynn
Louis Ferreira as Detective Oscar Vega
Brendan Penny as Detective Brian Lucas