It all began when Terry wrote a script about a young woman named Grace…

When a well-known film director dies, Grace, his estranged daughter, decides to organize a memorial retrospective of his films.

While examining his life and work, her father’s films begin to influence Grace in profound and disturbing ways. She starts to piece together a picture of the man, but in doing so, uncovers destructive patterns in his life and in his “cinema novels” that mirror Grace’s own recent self-destructive behavior.

Is she piecing together a portrait of a stranger or an accurate picture of her father, or, is it Grace herself she’s seeing, projected back at 24 frames per second?



Written by Terry Miles
Directed by Terry Miles
Produced by Cinemanovel Films


Katharine Isabelle as Charlotte
Jennifer Beals as Clementine
Lauren Lee Smith as Grace
Gabrielle Rose as Sophie
Ben Cotton as Benl
Kett Turton as Adam


Best BC Film- Honorable Mention – Vancouver International Film Festival 2013