Season 2

Episode 11 – Starstruck

Hollywood starlet and gossip-rag fodder, Mindy Fanshaw, arrives at Heartland under the pretext of honing her non-existent riding skills in anticipation of an upcoming role. Almost everyone is thrilled at the prospect of having Fanshaw in their midst, but a confidentiality contract signed by all puts a damper on the excitement. Mallory is found to be hiding out in one of the dude ranch cabins, having been aided in her ‘escape’ from the boarding school by young Jake. Mallory shows herself to be the most star-struck of all by collecting items Mindy has used around Heartland, planning to sell them on eBay so she can repay Jake for the money he spent helping her. Mindy shows she’s a manipulator par excellence when she digs into the Ty/Amy/Caleb ‘triangle’, and attempts to pit the three against each other. When she ropes Caleb into taking her on a trail ride, she insists on riding an ailing Pegasus, ignoring Amy’s warning that the horse should not be used. This results in a calculated photo-op for Mindy with the ubiquitous paparazzi, and an injured Pegasus.

Written by Leila Basen & David Preston
Directed by Dean Bennett


Katharine Isabelle as Mindi Fanshaw
Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming
Michelle Morgan as Samantha Louise ‘Loi’ Fleming
Chris Potter as Tim Fleming
Shaun Johnston as Jack Barlett