Young blades


Season 1

Episode 11 – To heir is human

Innocent country brothers Marcel Le Rue and surviving firstborn Georges Le Rue, mistaken for the target (waitress Celeste’s husband and the actual target), are left for dead by men in musketeer uniforms. The cardinal’s men search in vain for a letter, as Siroc’s spying invention (the rope-telephone) helps the friends hear their captain Bernard discuss in a café. Captain Duvall somehow knew the late mother Pauline Le Rue but won’t give details, except to the queen, who despised the ‘royal plaything’. George and Céleste attempt to exact their own revenge but bump into the real musketeers, and team up for the cause of justice both seek. The cardinal wants the letter and George alive, at all cost. The musketeers work out the De la Rue family was tax exempt and received a royal allowance till the mothers death. George may be Louis XIII’s illegitimate son and potential heir to the throne if Luis XIV dies childless. With such high(born) stakes, the hardball starts.

Written by Rick Drew
Directed by Farhad Mann


Katharine Isabelle as Celeste LeRue
Karen Cliché as Jacqueline Roget
Tobias Mehler as D’Artagnan
Mark Hildreth as Siroc
Zak Santiago as Ramon Montalvo Francisco de la Cruz
Sheena Easton as Queen Anne