The immortal


Season 1

Episode 15 – Wired

Rodan, yet another evil demon, has a scheme: he is tapping into the despair and misery of human souls and converting it into music that allows him to control humans. Sara, striking out on her own, is visiting Rodan’s club and becomes romantically involved with him. Rafe and Goodwin find out about the plan. Goodwin is captured, and Rodan plans on using his 300+ years of experience to generate his most powerful music yet. Raphael is locked into a sound room and blasted with high-intensity music, but uses meditation to resist it (??). In the final showdown with Rodan, Rafe turns on disco music, which weakens the demon enough for Raphael to defeat him. The episode ends with Rafe triumphantly dancing to disco.

Written by Martin M. Borycki
Directed by Scott Summersgill


Katharine Isabelle as Taurez
Lorenzo Lamas as Raphael ‘Rafe’ Cain
Steve Braun as Goodwin