Night visions


Season 1

Episode 9 – Rest stop/After life

Two young couples pick up a hitchhiker, Andy, who claims his pick-up truck blew out. They stop at a road-side rest stop where some odd types (“craftys”) are running a swap meet of souveneirs. When they come out the car, the craftys have disappeared and the couples’ cell phones don’t work.

Slowly everyone starts disappearing, or showing up in comas and then disappearing, until only Sara, the main girl, is left. She finds a passageway beneath the rest stop and follows it. Will she find her friends in time to save them? Who is responsible for the disapperances?

Written by Sophie C. Hopkins
Directed by Yves Simoneau


Katharine Isabelle as Paige Flemming
Catherine Barroll as Woman shopper
Craig Dawson as Bill
Mark Hildreth as Tim
Amy Jo Johnson as Sara
David Kopp as Chuck