A short biography

Vancouverite Katharine Isobel Murray was born on November 2nd 1981. Her father Graeme Murray, had been responsible for special effects on shows such as ‘The X-Files’.


Like so many others, Katharine broke into acting act an early age winning parts on films such as ‘Cousins’, ‘Cold Front’ and television shows like ‘MacGuyver’. Honing her craft, it wasn’t long before Katharine started to land bigger roles. One of these roles, Ginger Fitzgerald in the John Fawcett horror ‘Ginger snaps’ would bring Katharine a bigger worldwide audience. Although some would describe ‘Ginger snaps’ as just another horror, the underlying subject of the changes to the body during puberty is a difficult one to tell in a film. Under the direction of John Fawcett, Katharine proved not just that she has talent, but also range.

Whilst living in Vancouver, Katharine continues to grow her resume, not only on Canadian film and television but has also worked with some of Hollywood’s big names. It was in 2002 that Katharine worked with Al Pacino on Christopher Nolan’s film Insomnia’. During filming Al Pacino gave Katharine a bit of advice that would lead her to appear on stage in 2004 working alongside Woody Harrelson and Jason Lewis in an adaptation of Kenneth Lonergan’s ‘This is our youth’.

Although not a fan of horror, Katharine continues to work on horror and also independent projects often to critical acclaim. Katharine’s work brought her to the attention of Jen and Sylvia Soska (The Twisted Twins) for their second project ‘American Mary’. They contacted Katharine as their first choice of actress for the lead role of Mary Mason in 2012. ‘American Mary’ takes the character of Mary Mason into the world of body modification.

Since ‘American Mary’ Katharine has worked on project including but not limited to the critically acclaimed television series ‘Hannibal’, ‘88’ working alongside Christopher Lloyd, ‘How to plan an orgy in a small town’ a crowd funded film also starring Jewel Staite (I am proud to say I did my bit for this project) and ‘A.R.C.H.I.E.’ where Michael J Fox provides the voice of A.R.C.H.I.E..

Off screen

Katharine describes herself as a career actress. When not filming Katharine can be found mucking in with the stable work and riding her horses (Sunday and Caleb). Although horse riding can have its dangers, such as falling off, for Katharine however there is a more serious danger, she is deathly allergic to horses.

Looking after Sunday and Caleb has helped Katharine to keep grounded, when coupled to being in the outdoors, Katharine has a down-to-earth lifestyle where she would rather walk or ride in the country than be stuck in a gym.

Although Katharine grew up as a vegan, Katharine describes her move away from veganism to eating meat not as peer pressure, but “being forced fed really good beef chili by some cowboys”. Katharine likes to cook finding the preparation and smells of freshly chopped ingredients quite therapeutic.

In this modern era where kids are brought up with a multitude of TV channels to choose from, smart phones and gaming consoles. Katharine looks back to her childhood reading Archie, Katharine would rather sit and get lost in a good book than play video games or use the internet as she didn’t have these things growing up. That’s not to say video games are never played.

To have a balanced lifestyle however there must be two sides, as Katharine said in an interview –

“My horses don’t give a crap who I am – just feed me, exercise me, and clean out my stalls. But balance living to me is moderation all the way. Depriving yourself of luxuries, goodies, and treats is just cruel.”

I (the webmaster) have only met Katharine in person a couple of times, but each time I have Katharine has always come across as a warm and confident person enjoying life and what she is doing.


2015 Leo Awards– Katharine nominated for ‘Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Motion Picture’ for her portrayal of Andrea in Primary.

2014 Leo Awards – Katharine wins ‘Best Guest Performance by a Female – Dramatic series’ for her role in Motive (Episode – Pushover). Katharine was also nominated for Best Supporting Performance by a Female for her role in Lawrence and Holloman and for Best Guest Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series for her role in Motive at this years Leo Awards.

2014 Fangoria Awards – Katharine wins Best Actress for her portrayal of Mary Mason in American Mary.

2014 Fright Meter AwardsAmerican Mary has been nominated in the Best Horror Movie, Best Screenplay, Best Score and Best Ensemble Cast categories. Katharine has been nominated for Best Leading Actress for American Mary.

2012 Shudder Fest – Katharine won best actress for American Mary. American Mary also picked up best picture, best director(s) and tied for best Special FX & Make up and and screenplay.

2012 Screamfest – Katharine won best actress for American Mary. American Mary also picked up best director(s), best cinematography, best make-up and best picture.

2012 Film4 FrightFest – Katharine won best actress for American Mary.

2008 Gemini – awards Best supporting actress for ‘The Englishman’s Boy’


Approximate height: 5′ 6” 1.69m

Born on November 2 1981

Birth name: Katharine Murray Born in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Katharine isn’t always credited as Katharine Isabelle, she has been known as…Katherine Isabelle, Katharine Isobel, Katherine Isobel. Katie Murray & Katie Isobel.

Katharine’s father, Graeme Murray worked on the X-files.

Katharine’s brother is actor/writer Joshua Murray.


Talking to about fake blood problems: “Well, I would go home at night with blood encrusted in my ears, my eyes, and around my nose. I’d be standing in a shop asking for Tylenol and people would look at me with an expression of “We can’t help you… I think you need to go to the hospital”.

Katharine on transport problems: “All of our transport vehicles were minivans. When a white minivan pulled up, I just jumped in, they all screamed. I screamed and jumped out of the van and the mother tore off down the road. I guess I can put on my resume that I’ve traumatized children.”

On Ginger: “She’s a teenage girl who gets bitten by a werewolf and she trips out, she snaps. Ginger is an exaggeration of my bad side. I would say. She’s not to much of a stretch for me. Except for all the being-a-werewolf-killing people stuff. That’s a bit of a stretch.”

On doing naked scenes: “Everyone wants you naked. I think I’ve done one or two movies in the past six years where they haven’t tried something slimey to get me naked.”

On playing roles in horror movies: “I never really planned it this way. I don’t really even watch horror movies that much. In fact, I’m quite pathetic when watching one: the suspense kills me! I just have to watch through my fingers.”

On acting opposite Al Pacino: “There’s something quite surreal about calling Al Pacino a ‘motherfucking areshole’ to his face.”